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Advanced safety systems for your peace of mind in purchasing and fraud protection for our Clients; Logistics of Svanilla to you;

Svanilla Logistics

Details of the program and how to become an Affiliate or a Partner you can find them on pages;

For any information write to or


Upload your products

Upload your items on our Svanilla's catalogue using web tools. Add descriptions and images. Any information will be useful for customers who are looking for your products..

Follow the instructions on the "Help" page, to upload images to the correct format and size. The size of your photos are very important to allow the customer to appreciate your product.


Customers viewing your products on Svanilla

Svanilla helps customers to buy your products. Svanilla Shopping Mall is a guarantee of reliability. Our customers make purchases easily and fast.

Customers can view products Svanilla and compare them with others within the Marketplace. They can also fill out their wish list and keep up to date on promotions and initiatives that SVANILLA offers through membership of its newsletter.


Delivery of products

If you have joined the Affiliate Program or Partner Program,Svanilla offers you a logistic service. Ask for this service.

If you collect to Svanilla Logistic the only thing you need to do is carefully prepare the package for shipment of your product so that it is protected and there is no risk of damage or breakage.

Utilizzare la Logistica Svanilla che gestisce le tue spedizioni, offre al cliente finale una maggior garanzia e al Partner o  Affiliate un servizio gratuito. Se desideri aderire alla Logistica Svanilla, invia una mail a Svanilla's Logistic, you will offer to your customer most guarantee. If you want to join the Logistics SVANILLA, send an email to

*The offer is for business customers only.


Svanilla Payment

If you are a Svanilla Seller, Imex Lab LLC, proprietor of Svanilla brand, transfer the payment to your bank account when the buyer makes the payment.

Payment will be deducted of the percentage due to Imex Lab LLC Svanilla trademark holder.

The amounts reclaimed may take several days to be displayed, compatibly with the working times of the bank operation.

The last day of the month will be issued an invoice for the commission paid by the client to Imex Lab LLC proprietor of Svanilla.

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